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The Carpets of Afghanistan

The Carpets of Afghanistan
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The Carpets of Afghanistan
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  • Model: Richard D. Parsons
  • ISBN: 9781851497904

The Carpets of Afghanistan

Carpets of Afghanistan is without a doubt one of the most detailed analysis of Afghanistan rug production ever published.

Author Richard Parsons, for many years a buyer in Afghanistan for the well-known firm O.C.M (London) Ltd, treats the reader not only to a veritable feast of carpets and rugs, all with their attendant tribal origins and motifs vividly explained, but also to a fascinating journey through the history of a diverse and colorful country.

The author shares his respect and admiration for Afghanistan’s stoic people, who, somehow, despite political upheavals, forced resettlement, a harsh climate and often primitive nomadic conditions, manage to fashion exquisite works of art which reflect their pride in their many-faceted heritage.

Afghan rugs, which are instantly appealing due to their traditional colours and bold designs, open up a whole vista for the collector, from sumptuous piled purdahs to flat woven prayer rugs, all of them well illustrated in the 154 color and 90 black and white plates.

The Carpets of Afghanistan
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