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Christian Dior: The Spirit of Perfumes

Christian Dior: The Spirit of Perfumes
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Christian Dior: The Spirit of Perfumes
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Christian Dior: The Spirit of Perfumes

This volume showcases the perfumes of Christian Dior against the backdrop of his life―the Belle Epoque of his youth, the “Roaring Twenties” of his young adulthood and the postwar period of his success as a fashion designer and perfumer.

From 1946, before his first collection had even been debuted, Dior was interested in perfume, launching the iconic Miss Dior fragrance (along with the perfumer Paul Vacher) in 1947, and later gaining great success with fragrances such as Diorissimo, Eau Sauvage, Poison and J’Adore.

Christian Dior: The Spirit of Perfumes
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Format Paperback
No of Pages 200
Size 8.66 x 10.63 in
Weight 1.1 KG

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