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Victoria Beckham: Style Power

Victoria Beckham: Style Power
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Victoria Beckham: Style Power
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Victoria Beckham: Style Power

  • First book dedicated to Victoria Beckham’s work as a fashion designer
  • The perfect gift book for fashion lovers everywhere
  • From Posh Spice to fashion mogul!

Victoria Beckham: Style Power explores the dynamic rise of Victoria Beckham as a fashion designer. This beautifully packaged book is the first work to document Victoria’s entire fashion career, up to and including the 2016 collections.

A sumptuous full color photographic retrospective, it documents every collection that Victoria has created, examining her signature style and her creative evolution.

It also looks at how Victoria has grown her brand, seducing customers and critics alike with her innovative designs that appeal to modern women across the globe.

Victoria Beckham: Style Power is the second collaboration between author David Foy and the London College of Fashion, following the success of his first dedicated fashion monograph Galliano: Fashion’s Enfant Terrible in 2015.

Victoria Beckham: Style Power
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Format Hardcover
No of Pages 100
Size 9.04 x 0.6 x 11.18 in
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