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Nicolas Party: Mauve Twilight

Nicolas Party: Mauve Twilight
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Nicolas Party: Mauve Twilight
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Nicolas Party: Mauve Twilight

In the spring of 2022, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts will present the first exhibition in Canada devoted to the Swiss artist Nicolas Party, whose unique visual language both challenges and celebrates the conventions of pictorial representation.

Entitled Mauve Twilight, after a painting by Canadian artist Ozias Leduc in the Museum’s collection, this exhibition will bring together over 20 pastels and sculptures specifically chosen by the artist, as well as various pastels, prints, watercolors and textiles he will have created for the Museum.

The exhibition will also include masterworks from the Museum’s richly diverse collection incorporated into an immersive series of murals painted on site by the artist in the Museum’s most historic galleries. A richly illustrated bilingual catalog (English and French) will accompany the exhibition.

A record of this unique experience imagined for the Museum, it will include a fictional text authored by a Quebec writer drawing inspiration from Party’s works and numerous photographs capturing the artist’s creative process and his large murals created in situ for the exhibition. Text in English and French.

Nicolas Party: Mauve Twilight
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