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Pantone Skintone Fan Guide

Pantone Skintone Fan Guide
Pantone Skintone Fan Guide
Pantone Skintone Fan Guide
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Pantone Skintone Fan Guide
Pantone Skintone Fan Guide
Pantone Skintone Fan Guide
Pantone Skintone Fan Guide
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Pantone Skin Tone Colour Guides & Chart.

The Pantone Texture Guide has been founded and formed by technologically assessing humongous kinds of existing, real skin tones across the wide gamut of all the varied human types of skin. Distinctively created to most subtle and clear depiction of shades of skin, this library of tints happens to give a wide-eyed, holistic visual allusion to all the skin tones of a being to be presented and used in any market wherein skin colours keep relevance. 


  • For finer and deeper understanding, evaluation and acknowledgement, a big-size swatch having hole at the centre is done
  • The number of each and every Pantone Skin Tone is constitutes of a four-digit alphanumerical number, in which the very first two positions denote tint or flavour of the skin and the second two positions signify the accurate tone, delicacy and solidity and the artistic tone of the skin
  • Pantone Shade Manager Software contains digitalized values
  • Consists of Colour Index


  • Numbering of around 110 vibrant hues from 1Y01 SP to 4R15 SP
  • Each palette is recognized by an eccentric Pantone Number objectifying proper tone and undertone
  • Hues evolved to bring out excellent and accurate match under D65 ( Daylight 6500K) lighting of the respective colour


  • Beauty
  • Fashion
  • Product Design
  • Branding
  • Design/ Print / Packaging
  • Pharmaceutical

Pantone Skin Tone

Total number of colors 110
Relese Date September 11, 2012

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