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Pantone Plus Plastic Standard Chips Collection

Pantone Plus Plastic Standard Chips Collection
Pantone Plus Plastic Standard Chips Collection
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Pantone Plus Plastic Standard Chips Collection
Pantone Plus Plastic Standard Chips Collection
Pantone Plus Plastic Standard Chips Collection
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  • Model: PSC-PS1755
  • Weight: 26.99kg
  • Dimensions: 35.50in x 14.00in x 25.20in
  • SKU: PSC-PS1755
  • UPC: PSC-PS1755

Pantone Plus Plastic Standard Chips Collection


The perfect tool for hard goods industries where a vast array of colors is key, the Pantone Plastic Standard Chip Collection features 1,755 of our best-selling graphic colors with corresponding pigment formulations. The collection also includes a coated Formula Guide for easy cross-reference to spot color printed materials. This is ultimate tool to bring inspiration to realization in consumer product development.


  • Collection of Pantone Standard Chips in all graphic spot colors with bonus Formula Guide
  • Showcased in three towers of chips, each consisting of six separable trays of Plastic chips
  • Each tower has a rotating base for easy color selection
  • Each Chip made of Polypropylene, the most referenced plastic material
  • Each Chip is 3” x 1.9”, large enough to be measured by a spectrophotometer
  • Two tiers of thickness, 1mm and 2mm, allows for accurate color visualization
  • Each chip is double-sided with gloss and matte finishes for accurate color visualization
  • Key ring hole in top right corner to allow chips to be organized into palettes


  • 1,755 Pantone spot colors as plastic standard chips
  • 600 colors per tower and 100 colors per tray, except the last with 55 colors
  • Colors arranged chromatically, with index providing the chromatic & numeric location of each color
  • Each plastic chip is referenced by a PMS number, identical to the color number in the formula guide
  • Each chip includes corresponding pigment formulations for manufacturing accuracy


  • Use for any product made of colored plastic, including beauty, food & beverage, consumer electronics, fashion accessories, hard home, toys, medical devices, and more
  • Use for palette development, color communication, and production of plastic products when matching to spot color printed materials is critical

Technical Details

  • Item Colour’s :                                        Multicolour’s
  • Item Model Number :                           PSC-PS1755
  • Brand :                                                     Pantone
  • Product Dimensions :                           3’’x1.9’’  inch
  • Total Number of Colour’s :                   1755

Pantone Plus Plastic Standard Chips Collection

Total number of colors 1755
Relese Date July 10, 2014

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