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Tibetan Dress: In Amdo & Kham

Tibetan Dress: In Amdo & Kham
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Tibetan Dress: In Amdo & Kham
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Tibetan Dress: In Amdo & Kham

A remarkable book, dedicated to the intricacies of Tibetan costume.

This book takes a textile-centric viewpoint, but also branches out into the lives of local Tibetan people who share their stories through interviews Exploring the vast range of materials and techniques used in the making of Tibetan clothing and ornaments, this book takes a closer, more intimate look at the different cultural groups within this diverse country, discussing how national costume relates to their everyday life.

The technical approach will appeal to spinners, weavers, felt makers, braiders, embroiderers, jewellers and costume enthusiasts. The book will also interest many general readers in Europe and America who are fascinated by the aura of the Tibetan Region; the lifestyle of the people who live amongst Tibet’s high peaks, emerald forests, and stunning lakes command world-wide interest.

Richly illustrated with the author’s evocative contemporary high quality photographs, dating from the mid 1980s, this book is a visual journey into the heart of the country. It documents the people, and their costumes and related crafts, focussing on the historical Tibetan regions of Amdo and Kham.

Tibetan Clothing and Jewellery is unique in its reflection of historical material. It combines this academic knowledge base with original observations and wide-ranging interviews with nomads and farmers, all of which centre around costumes locally possessed and worn by Tibetans today.

Tibetan Dress: In Amdo & Kham
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