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  • Highlights the creative genius of Ottavio Missoni, founder of the iconic fashion brand
  • A beautifully illustrated history of both the founder and the brand
  • Explores the synergy between fashion and art
  • Created in association with Luca Missoni, artistic director of the Missoni Archives

Published to celebrate the centenary of the birth of Missoni founder Ottavio Missoni, this beautifully illustrated book tells the story of one of the great Italian fashion houses, from the origins of the family business to its worldwide fame as an icon of “Made in Italy.”

Creativity, ingenuity, and invention have been hallmarks of Italian art since the Renaissance. This book puts the Missoni fashion and décor brands in historical and artistic context, showing how Italian designers offer a vision of the present and the future through their understanding of the past, while creating a new creative language in the process.

Edited by Massimiliano Capella and coordinated by Luca Missoni, artistic director of the Missoni Archives. Text in English and Italian.

About the Author

Massimilliano Capella is Professor of History of Costume and Fashion for the “Fashion, Art, Design, Visual Culture” curriculum at the University of Bergamo.

He is the scientific director of ARTE ¦MODA ARCHIVE at the Visual Arts Centre of the University of Bergamo. In addition to his teaching activities and his role as a museum director, he is particularly interested in the relationship between the visual arts and fashion, curating shows that combine clothes and costumes with works of art.

He is the director of the House Museum of the Paolo and Carolina Zani Foundation for Art and Culture and collaborates regularly with Italian and foreign museums, universities, cultural institutions and major fashion houses.


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