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Nesa Gschwend―Memories of Textiles

Nesa Gschwend―Memories of Textiles
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Nesa Gschwend―Memories of Textiles
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Nesa Gschwend―Memories of Textiles

Swiss artist Nesa Gschwend merges traditional crafts, such as embroidery, knotting, and sewing, with avant-garde and performative artistic techniques. Widely recognized as one of Switzerland’s most distinguished contemporary artists, she also combines craft with philosophy in her art.

Her textile works, material collages, videos, installations, and participatory performances transform individual lived stories into tangible metaphors for collective memory—and even human existence itself. This new book features recent work by Gschwend.

Alongside reproductions of works in a variety of media, critical essays explore her approach and describe her humanistic aspiration to transform existential questions into aesthetic reflection.

Nesa Gschwend―Memories of Textiles
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Format Hardcover
No of Pages 144
Size 7.75 x 0.7 x 9.75 in
Weight 5.5 KG

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