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Jan Taminiau

Jan Taminiau
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Jan Taminiau
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Jan Taminiau

  •  Jan Taminiau (1975, Goirle, the Netherlands) is one of the leading fashion designers in the Netherlands
  • This book chronicles the depth of his work, focusing on dozens of his masterpieces
  • “Couture isn’t about reality or wearability, it is freedom of thinking, my atelier, like a lab, is a place of discovery and development.”

Jan Taminiau (1975) is known for his use of traditional - traditional handicrafts and production techniques, unique original materials and fabric treatments, in addition to his love of aesthetics. Partly because of this he received the Grand Seigneur in 2014, the most important Dutch fashion award.

On 30 April 2013 Queen Máxima wore a gown and cape by Taminiau during the inauguration of her husband in the Nieuwe Kerk.

Taminiau combines the classic and feminine with the conceptual and experimental. Because of this, shortly after the foundation of his label JANTAMINIAU in 2004 he became popular with clients all over the world.

In this publication the richness and depth of Taminiau’s work is shown on the basis of dozens of masterpieces. The garments are central. Be a witness in the world of research, memories, inspiration, experiment and craftsmanship.

Jan Taminiau
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