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Design Engineering : Sustainable and Holistic

Design Engineering : Sustainable and Holistic
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Design Engineering : Sustainable and Holistic
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Design Engineering : Sustainable and Holistic

The book describes the potential of both design objects and concepts, as well as design as a process, with a strong focus on the process of design engineering in the past, present and future.

The book makes a stance by referring to historic and current design parameters in industry in relation to certain training methods. It compares these within Europe, explicitly the approach taken by Germany, Great Britain, and Scandinavia - and highlights best practice examples.

The range of design disciplines, especially an in-depth look at classic product and textile design, leads to new “blueprint” possibilities and interactive design methods.

Design Engineering : Sustainable and Holistic
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Format Hardback
No of Pages 272
Size 200 x 260 x 30mm
Weight 1.3 KG

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