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View Point Magazine
View Point Magazine
View Point Magazine
View Point Magazine
View Point Magazine
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  • View Point - Germany Edition
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Viewpoint Magazine aims to understand the struggles that define our conjuncture, critically reconstruct radical history, and reinvent Marxism for our time. Viewpoint is therefore neither a socialist news source nor an academic journal. It is a militant research collective.

Through rigorous investigation, we seek to grasp the class composition of contemporary social movements, extract the rudiments of a revolutionary political project already inherent in these struggles, and then articulate this project in a way that emphasizes strategy, raises questions about potential programs, and explores historically appropriate organizational forms. Our object is therefore not news cycles but cycles of struggle. We see a significant difference between militant inquiry and reporting, just as there is a significant difference between scientific research and academic writing. Our goal is to fuse the two sides: to force theory to learn from movements themselves, and then to bring that theory to bear on those movements, working towards a dynamic circuit between scientific theoretical production and real struggles while also reflexively examining the relationship between them. This is an unstable and fluid kind of practice, which requires us to oscillate between the technical language of materialist analysis and the practical language of the concrete situation.

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