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Munsell Bead Color Book

Munsell Bead Color Book
Munsell Bead Color Book
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Munsell Bead Color Book
Munsell Bead Color Book
Munsell Bead Color Book
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  • Model: M50415B
  • Weight: 9.25lb
  • SKU: M50415B
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Munsell Bead Color Book

SKU: M50415B

The color of a bead can tell a story about the bead itself – what region of the world it’s from, what materials were used to create it and what other beads or beaded objects may be from its immediate family. This book is the ideal resource for archeologists and students to easily classify and compare beads and their color properties around the world.

The Munsell Bead Color Book has charts featuring 176 of the most common bead colors, offering a portable guide for comparing bead colors in the field. Using preferably daylight against a white background, simply place the chart hole over a bead’s most representative color and compare it to the chart for quick identification. This is the affordable, go-anywhere solution for people looking to understand the fascinating world and history of beads and their hidden stories. It’s how experts get a bead on their beads! Munsell Bead Color Book M50415B

Technical Details

  • Item Colour’s:                                        Multicolour’s
  • Item Model Number:                           M50415B
  • Item Weight:                                          9.25 pounds
  • Brand:                                                     Munsell
  • Product Dimensions:                           6x1.6x8 inch
  • Total Number of Colour’s                   176
  • Format:                                                   Ring Binding
  • Item Package Quantity:                       1 Pcs.

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