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Munsell Soil Color Charts | Munsell Colors

Munsell Soil Color Charts | Munsell Colors
Munsell Soil Color Charts | Munsell Colors
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Munsell Soil Color Charts | Munsell Colors
Munsell Soil Color Charts | Munsell Colors
Munsell Soil Color Charts | Munsell Colors
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  • Model: M50215B
  • Weight: 635.00g
  • Dimensions: 15.20in x 2.50in x 19.70in
  • SKU: M50215B
  • UPC: M50215B

Munsell Soil Color Charts

SKU: M50215B

The Munsell Soil Color Charts is an affordable way to evaluate the type of soil that is present within a given area. The book is set up to allow users to make soil color evaluations in the field quickly and easily. The soil classification system that has been developed around the Munsell color system is an established and accepted process to assign a soil type. This classification system has been used in the United States for more than 55 years to aid in the management and stewardship of natural resources.

Through the use of the Munsell Soil Color Charts, practitioners from a wide range of professions can share reliable and consistent information about the color of soils at a particular site with colleagues anywhere around the world. The Munsell Soil Color Charts are used by a variety of industries and professions such as universities and high schools, forestry, forensics, environmental and soil science, building and contracting, landscaping, real estate, health departments, geology and archaeology.

The following pages are included in the Munsell Soil Color Charts:

Munsell 10R Soil Chart, Munsell 10YR Soil Chart, Munsell 2.5Y Soil Chart, Munsell 2.5YR Soil Chart, Munsell 5Y Soil Chart, Munsell 5YR Soil Chart, Munsell 7.5YR Soil, 10Y - 5GY Colors - Olive greens Soil Chart, Gley 1 & 2 (2 - Separate Charts) Soil Charts, Munsell 5R Individual Soil Chart, Munsell 7.5R Individual Soil Chart, White Page, 7.5R, 10YR, & 2.5Y.

Technical Details :

  • Item Model Number: M50215B
  • Item Weight: 635 g
  • Item Colour’s: Multicolour’s
  • Brand: Munsell
  • Product Dimensions: 15.2x 2.5 x19.7  Inches
  • Format: Ring Binding
  • Item Package Quantity: 1 Pcs.

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