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Liviing ETC Magazine

Liviing ETC Magazine
Liviing ETC Magazine
Liviing ETC Magazine
Liviing ETC Magazine
Liviing ETC Magazine
Liviing ETC Magazine
Liviing ETC Magazine
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  • Living ETC - British Edition
  • Format - Magazine
  • Frequency - 12 x Per Year
  • Subscription Period - 1 Year

Living etc presents you with the definitive selection of what’s available, from high design to high street. Living etc is the UK’s bestselling modern home interior magazines; From high-end design to high street finds, Living etc edits the best of modern home design and lifestyle buys. 

Living etc is published by TI Media. and is a magazine which focuses on modern interior design. The magazine launched in 1998 in London, England and identified a trend in the interiors market for minimalist living. From the beginning, Living etc made modern design accessible to style conscious readers, promoting modern interior design and showing readers how to achieve a relaxed modern home.

Living etc is now Britain’s best-selling modern homes magazine and every month features modern homes, interior design trends, decorating ideas and interiors shopping guides. Plus, the magazine works with Australian food guru Donna Hay featuring her recipes in each issue and reviews design hotels across the world. The editor is Suzanne Imre.

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