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X-rite i1Studio Designer Edition

X-rite i1Studio Designer Edition
X-rite i1Studio Designer Edition
X-rite i1Studio Designer Edition
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X-rite i1Studio Designer Edition
X-rite i1Studio Designer Edition
X-rite i1Studio Designer Edition
X-rite i1Studio Designer Edition
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  • Dimensions: 5.50in x 6.10in x 7.50in
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i1Studio Designer Edition 


The new i1Studio Designer Edition is the start-to-finish color management solution for Color Perfectionists looking for professional results. The i1Studio spectrophotometer calibrates the color of your monitor, projector, and mobile screens, while Pantone Color Manager software helps you build color palettes and export them directly into your design tools. Your final production will match your vision more closely than you ever thought possible.


  • i1Studio Spectrophotometer
  • i1Studio profiling software for displays and projectors
  • PANTONE Color Manager software and Quick Start Guide

 What’s In The Box

  • i1Studio Spectrophotometer
  • Protective bag/monitor holder
  • USB Power cord
  • Mini ColorChecker Classic
  • Software Download URL card

 Product Application

  • Color perfectionists know that a calibrated and profiled display is a critical element in an efficient digital workflow. Enhanced features include:
  • Technologically advanced, multi-functional measurement device
  • Next generation i1Profiler software for calibrating and profiling modern display and projector technologies, including LED & Wide Gamut LCDs
  • Infinite control of white point, luminance, contrast ratio, gamma, and more
  • Intelligent Iterative Profiling technology measures and analyzes the color capabilities of each unique display for increased accuracy of profile
  • Ambient Light Smart Control - measurement, compensation and ongoing monitoring of ambient lighting conditions
  • Flare Correct™ - measurement and compensation of display surface glare
  • Automatic Display Control (ADC) adjusts your display’s hardware to speed up process and eliminate manual adjustments

Technical Details

  • Item Model Number :                              EOSTUDIODE 
  • Item Weight :                                             1.4 Pound
  • Brand :                                                        Pantone
  • Product Dimensions :                              5.5x 6.1 x 7.5  Inches
  • Item Package Quantity :                          1 Pcs.

i1Studio Designer Edition

Relese Date October 4, 2018

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