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EXact Auto-Scan

EXact Auto-Scan
EXact Auto-Scan
EXact Auto-Scan
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EXact Auto-Scan
EXact Auto-Scan
EXact Auto-Scan
EXact Auto-Scan
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The X-Rite eXact Auto-Scan is a versatile scanning solution designed for press operators that provides press room flexibility for measuring color with spot, manual, and automated scanning capabilities.

 One Instrument, Ultimate Flexibility.

Cut your make ready time by more than 30%.

With a push of a button, the eXact Auto-Scan minimizes human error when scanning to maximize speed, reduce rework, and deliver a finished product that meets your customers tight tolerances. 

Improve Color Quality

Enhances spot color handling with creation and management of standards and color libraries on your device

Reduces variance among your instruments and verifies and/or profiles your device anytime on site with the addition of NetProfiler software

Reduce Material Waste

Fast, press-side, fully-automated capabilities (readings under 15 seconds), results in a reduction in waste and increased profitability

Increases workflow productivity by running jobs to specific targets and standardizing your production process 

Provides immediate, comprehensive reporting of color data through Bluetooth technology, allowing you to make prompt adjustments to the press run

Expand Your Workflow

Integrates with closed loop and third-party solutions such as Rutherford Graphics or Digital Information to deliver a mid-range solution for ink key control adjustments

Incorporates into your current workflow

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