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EXact Advanced Spectrophotometer

EXact Advanced Spectrophotometer
EXact Advanced Spectrophotometer
EXact Advanced Spectrophotometer
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EXact Advanced Spectrophotometer
EXact Advanced Spectrophotometer
EXact Advanced Spectrophotometer
EXact Advanced Spectrophotometer
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The eXact Advanced meets the specific requirements of the ink room, quality control labs, and manufacturing partners who must achieve the highest quality with the broadest toolset. It includes advanced functions to evaluate ink and paper prior to, and during print production.

Providing Color Measurement Excellence

The preferred instrument of ink labs and quality control labs, the eXact Advanced spectrophotometer is designed to help you achieve the highest quality product with the broadest toolset. In addition to ensuring color validation of CMYK and spot-color inks, simultaneous measurements of four M modes, embedded Bluetooth capability, and enhanced colorimetric functionality, the eXact Advanced includes functions to evaluate ink and paper prior to, during, and after print production; saving time and reducing waste for your operation.

The eXact Advanced is a unique combination of hardware and software programming to help your operation get color right the first time and every time.

Advanced Quality Control Management

Measures ink and paper prior to, during, and after print production to help streamline efficiencies 

Enhanced Colorimetric Functionality

Drives workflow confidence for each job as tools can be locked, customized, and individualized with multiple user capabilities

Leverages the reflectance graph to demonstrate the spectral reflectance of a substrate or ink

Measures the concentration of a specific ink with absolute and relative color strength features

Engages the opacity feature to measure the difference of a substrate or ink over white and over black

Generates the color difference up to three different illuminants with the Metamerism feature

Rising Above the Rest

The eXact family offers a unique density and color measurement experience when compared to other products in the market through several differentiators:

Protected Automated White Tile Calibration protects the instrument’s accuracy from press room dust at all times. Other instrument’s have exposed white tile calibration that could affect the instruments accuracy in press room environments.

Consistency is key for brands. eXact has three measurement light sources compared to other instrument’s two. The three sources result in a truly ISO defined circumferential illumination that reduces variation resulting from angular rotation on media with any texture like uncoated stocks or digitally printed media that may have directional printing effects.

eXact provides the most versatile aperture set. You can meet different workflows needs and patch sizes when compared to other instruments: 1.5mm, 2mm, 4mm, & 6mm. eXact’s 2mm spot size is the most popular by capturing a sufficient number of printed dots but enables good measurement of 3mm patches.

Lastly, X-Rite provides an end-to-end color management experience with software integration for ink formulation and quality control while providing global service offerings that reduce the risk of workflow downtime. 

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