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Detail Magazine
Detail Magazine
Detail Magazine
Detail Magazine
Detail Magazine
Detail Magazine
Detail Magazine
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  • Detail - Germany Edition
  • Format - Magazine
  • Frequency - 6 x Per Year
  • Subscription Period - 1 Year

Each issue of DETAIL is devoted to a specific constructional theme and provides a comprehensive treatment of the subject in the various sections of the journal. The main section is the Documentation, containing an analysis of selected projects, in which buildings from around the world are covered in depth. In addition to the aesthetic quality of the architecture, constructional details play a central role. All plan drawings are redrawn in-house true to scale and in consultation with the architects, planners and engineers responsible for the original design. This affords readers ready access to the projects and a swift means of comparison at a uniformly high level.

In the »Discussion« and »Reports« sections of the journal, well-known architects and critics as well as specialist authors and architectural historians are able to articulate their views and ideas in the form of interviews, statements and essays - topically, competently and in a discriminating manner. The »Technology« section extends the range of coverage: the specific theme of each issue is treated in greater depth by contributors who are often from related disciplines.

In the »Product Information« section, we provide a subject-by-subject survey of current developments in the field of building products. Innovative applications of materials and products are described and reference is made to the projects in which they have been used. In addition, details are regularly provided of opportunities for further study, competitions held by industrial organisations, and publications from the industrial sector. Our publication for civil and structural engineers will now be called structure – published by DETAIL with 4 issues published each year.

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