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David Bielander: Twenty Years. 2016-1996

David Bielander: Twenty Years. 2016-1996
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David Bielander: Twenty Years. 2016-1996
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  • ISBN: 9783897904873

David Bielander: Twenty Years. 2016-1996

  • The first comprehensive review of a multi-award-winning artist renowned for his impact on contemporary art jewelry
  • A selection of essays exploring the many facets of Bielander’s work
  • Accompanies the exhibition Musée de design et d’arts appliqués contemporains in Lausanne, 8 Feb - 30 April 2017

The Swiss artist David Bielander (b.1968) is one of the most significant proponents of contemporary art jewelry in the world. With him, nothing is what it seems: corrugated cardboard is actually silver or gold, Wiener sausages are a chair in a coffee house, shapely lips are made of rubber... This ambiguity distinguishes his work as much as his exceptional knowledge of materials and artisanal skill.

Created with the support of Pro Helvetia, Schweizer Kulturstiftung, David Bielander offers the first comprehensive review of this multi-award-winning artist, who with his conceptual reflection and power of imagination creates works full of wit and sensuality.

David Bielander: Twenty Years. 2016-1996
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