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Auto & Design Magazine

Auto & Design Magazine
Auto & Design Magazine
Auto & Design Magazine
Auto & Design Magazine
Auto & Design Magazine
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  • Auto & Design - Italy Edition
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Auto & Design is a reference point for the world of car design. You can find it on the drawings tables of design centres world-wide, in independent design houses, in the R&D centres of system and material suppliers to the automotive industry, as well as in the library of universities and specialised schools. The main subjects our magazine deals with are project analysis from the first idea to the final product, illustrated by original sketches, drawings and style models. Auto & Design also dedicates space to product and industrial design, to new materials and technologies, favouring a sharing of experience indispensable to transportation designers.

Auto & Design is a highly professional magazine and can be found all over the world in the design centres of car manufacturers, in the offices of indipendent designers, in the design centres of components companies and electronic and  special materials manufacturers, in University libraries and in the libraries of specialized schools. Its contents mainly cover project analyses from drawing board to final product, illustrated with reserach drawings and style models. Specific sections are dedicated to industrial and product design,  new materials and innovative technologies as applied to the automotive world and to a variety of design sectors. Full texts in English and Italian. Published since 1979.

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