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Fashioning KimonoFashioning Kimono focuses on 150 Japanese garments dating from the late 19th to the early 20th centuries, taken from the renowned Montgomery Collection, which includes informal kimonos for both women and men, haori jackets, under-garments, ceremonial and formal clothes, and children..
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Japanese Buddhist Textiles: Textiles Bouddhiques JaponaisThis volume gathers together, for the first time, a group of 121 Japanese Buddhist textiles dating from the 18th and 19th centuries, housed in the Baur Foundation, the Museum of far Eastern Art, in GenevaThis is the twelfth in a series of volu..
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Nicolas Party: Mauve TwilightIn the spring of 2022, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts will present the first exhibition in Canada devoted to the Swiss artist Nicolas Party, whose unique visual language both challenges and celebrates the conventions of pictorial representation. Entitled Mauve Twilight..
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Textiles from Borneo: The Iban, Kantu, Ketungau, and Mualang PeoplesThe textile art from northern Borneo, made by the Iban, Kantu, Ketungau, and Mualang tribes, is highly distinctive and extraordinarily rich. In this remarkable book, more than 150 full-page brilliant color photographs of textiles fr..
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The Jewish Wardrobe: From the Collection of The Israel Museum, JerusalemThe fashion, history, and development of Jewish dress tells a story that spans the globe and crosses many cultures. In this colorful volume, Jewish communities - particularly those established for centuries in Eastern Europe, th..
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Victoria Beckham: Style PowerFirst book dedicated to Victoria Beckham’s work as a fashion designerThe perfect gift book for fashion lovers everywhereFrom Posh Spice to fashion mogul!Victoria Beckham: Style Power explores the dynamic rise of Victoria Beckham as a fashion designer. This beautifully pa..
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