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Christian Dior: The Spirit of PerfumesThis volume showcases the perfumes of Christian Dior against the backdrop of his life―the Belle Epoque of his youth, the “Roaring Twenties” of his young adulthood and the postwar period of his success as a fashion designer and perfumer. From 1946, before his fir..
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Corbella Milano: The First Italian Manufacturer of Jewellery and Weapons for the TheatreIn 1865, the Corbella Company, which proclaimed itself the “First Italian Manufacturer of Jewelry and Weapons for the Theatre,” was founded in the heart of Milan. From the very beginning of its long history, it s..
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Imperial Threads Motifs And Artisans From Turkey, Iran And IndiaImperial Threads brings a new perspective to the Museum of Islamic Art’s collection by showing the connection between three major dynasties – Turkey, Iran and India – who mark the start of the early modern period in Islamic art.Between ..
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Imperial Threads: Motifs and Artisans from Turkey, Iran and IndiaImperial Threads brings a new perspective to Islamic art by exploring the connection between four major dynasties―the Ottoman (1299–1923), Timurid (1370–1507), Safavid (1501–1736) and Mughal (1526–1857) empires―that mark the start of t..
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