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New Design Magazine

New Design Magazine
New Design Magazine
New Design Magazine
New Design Magazine
New Design Magazine
New Design Magazine
New Design Magazine
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  • New Design - British Edition
  • Format - Magazine
  • Frequency - 6 x Per Year
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Newdesign also follows the changing nature of design increasingly involving more scientific approaches to research, market analysis and innovation. It reflects the fact that the designer is involved in the whole process of market identification through to product delivery rather than just being at involved at one stage in the process.

Most importantly of all, newdesign is a magazine that can be read and enjoyed not only by those directly involved in the design industry, but anyone with an awareness and interest in good design.

Building on its core focus on product and industrial design, the magazine reflects the increasing multi-disciplinarity of design with coverage of communications, interaction, environmental, and digital design amongst a number of other sectors.

The magazine prides itself on providing feature articles, comment, analysis and inspiration for the creative industries. Celebrating more than fifteen years of publication, newdesign has a proud history of serving and championing the design industry. Our mission is to ensure that that the magazine continues to offer a space in print to showcase the very best work in design as well as a platform for the debate and discussion of the issues that matter to the industry. 

Featuring the work of consultancies and design teams worldwide, it is not only essential reading for those in the creative industries but also companies who use design for competitive advantage.As an editorially-led publication newdesign offers a diverse and engaging mix of features in every issue that, whether written by industry professionals or our own in-house editorial team, provides in-depth analysis and comment.

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