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How Magazine
How Magazine
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How Magazine
How Magazine
How Magazine
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  • HOW - American Edition
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HOW (ISSN 0886-0483) is a bimonthly magazine for graphic designers. Launched in 1985,[1] HOW is edited by Megan Lane Patrick. HOW is published by F+W Media of Cincinnati, Ohio. Regular sections on business, creativity, design, and technology help designers, whether they work for a design firm, for an in-house design department or for themselves to become more inspired, more creative and more successful.

Currently, HOW publishes six issues a year and hosts six creative competitions in graphic design, logo design, promotion and marketing, interactive media and inhouse design. HOW also offers an online education program, launched in December 2011 called HOW Design University (HOW U). HOW U provides online learning opportunities for creative professionals in a variety of formats including online design courses, online design bootcamps and live tutorials (webinars). HOW U is professional-level continuing education helping designers get the tools to prepare you for today’s most popular graphic design jobs.

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