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Collezioni Haute Couture Magazine

Collezioni Haute Couture Magazine
Collezioni Haute Couture Magazine
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Collezioni Haute Couture Magazine
Collezioni Haute Couture Magazine
Collezioni Haute Couture Magazine
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  • Model: Collezioni Haute Couture
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  • Collezioni Haute Couture - Italy Edition
  • Format - Magazine
  • Frequency - 2 x Per Year
  • Subscription Period - 1 Year

Collezioni Haute Couture magazine describes, beginning with the Paris and Rome shows, the creative world of brilliant designers as well as present its customary close-up on dream jewellery, the latest news on epochmaking exhibitions, art, books and models, Refined research and a selection of proposed topics is aimed at an élite public, who are equally interested in the latest fashion trends and artist retrospectives.

“Distributed in over 54 countries, the Collezioni group is the undisputed leader in the fashion magazine sector, at the service of trade operators, opinion leaders and anyone with a passion for images and creativity. Specialised journalism with a love of images and a vocation for covering, better and ahead of the rest, all clothing segments: from men and women’s wear to children and even babies, accessories and materials (fabrics and yarn), bridal gowns and the latest sport and streetwear trends. Journalists, photographers and specialised correspondents in every corner of the globe offer guaranteed avant-garde reportages, advance news and images of the most prestigious, and emerging, shows plus focuses on famous designers and newcomers, specials on big players and previews of the hottest phenomena from the street and show business. Without forgetting not-to-be-missed styles, trends, personages and worldwide events.

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