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Collezioni Accessori Magazine

Collezioni Accessori Magazine
Collezioni Accessori Magazine
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Collezioni Accessori Magazine
Collezioni Accessori Magazine
Collezioni Accessori Magazine
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  • Collezioni Accessori - Italy Edition
  • Format - Magazine
  • Frequency - 4 x Per Year
  • Subscription Period - 1 Year

Collezioni Accessori presents all the new trends for this upcoming Spring-Summer in its brand new issue n. 95. Among those of the moment are news and updates from trade fairs, as well as many accessories cleverly divided into thematic lookbooks to help professionals in their research and studies. MAGAZINES will allow you to explore an international panorama with well-known brands supported by new entries in the world of accessories. The special sections dedicated to JEWELS and SUNGLASSES are one of the pivotal points of this issue. Insights and a focus on the most famous brands in the industry, but with many innovations in the world panorama, along with topical articles inspired by seasonal trends, while lookbooks complete the entire offer. The true highlights of this issue is the section dedicated to fully enhancing accessories in the LOOKBOOKS. Lots of pages with a clean design where different accessories have been divided according to the strongest summer trends, giving a distinct vision of what’s in store for the season. PHOTO SHOOTS propose accessories immortalized by the best photographers in the industry, in collaboration with the most creative designers, revealing unique and always stimulating shots. FASHION DISPLAYS are a real treasure trove of accessories and novelties useful for leading experts through the world of seasonal must-haves, and its also a useful guide for successful shopping. To finish, reviews and previews of the most important and innovative trade fairs with information on the most popular trends and a overall look into the international fashion scene.

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