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Book Moda Haute Couture Magazine

Book Moda Haute Couture Magazine
Book Moda Haute Couture Magazine
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Book Moda Haute Couture Magazine
Book Moda Haute Couture Magazine
Book Moda Haute Couture Magazine
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  • Book Moda Haute Couture - Italy Edition
  • Format - Magazine
  • Frequency - 4 x Per Year
  • Subscription Period - 1 Year

Book Moda Haute Couture gives you a look at the fashion shows with top quality, color photos of each designers’ haute couture collection. The most important trends for the season are selected with a keen instinct for what will be hot. A synopsis of every designer’s work is accompanied by an in depth photo revue showing the best representations of their work. Published in Italy with English translation.

The bi-lingual magazine, Book Moda Haute Couture, is a comprehensive take on the best fashion shows from haute couture from Paris and Rome. The publication releases two issues a year for the magazine, addressing the fashion seasons of spring, summer, fall & winter, coinciding with international fashion shows. The reference guide to latest fashion trends, the magazine not only features spectacular photo-shoots, but also articles from some of the world’s best writers. This magazine is equally loved and appreciated by professionals as well as curious readers. With great emphasis on detail, and detailed explanation of the designers’ collections, the magazine has earned an unparalleled name for itself in the field of fashion. You would love the glossy if you love fashion. So, don’t hold back and get a copy with us at the Magazine Café Store.

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