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Qarajeh To Quba: Rugs And Flatweaves From East Azarbayjan And The TranscaucasusContains many previously unseen and unpublished pieces from a highly regarded collectionBook design by a top UK graphic designer, Misha Anikst, with photographs by the USA’s leading specialist carpet/textile photographer,..
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Rarities: From The Himalayas to HawaiiThe artworks represent top examples acquired and retained over the course of a long careerEach ranks high in terms of aesthetics and desirabilityTop quality photography and cutting-edge book designThis book presents a personal collection of ancestor sculpture an..
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Rayne Shoes for StarsRoyal Shoemakers Rayne was founded by Henry & Mary Rayne in London in 1885, and were the pre-eminent British ladies luxury shoe brand throughout the Twentieth CenturyRayne is the name synonymous with the best in British 20th-century shoe design. Re-launched as a British-owne..
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Renoir. 40th Ed.
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Renoir. 40th Ed.Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s (1841–1919) timelessly charming paintings still reflect our ideals of happiness, love, and beauty. Derived from our large-format volume, the most comprehensive retrospective of his work published to date, this compact edition examines the personal history and ..
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Rock Covers. 40th Ed.
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Rock Covers. 40th Ed.Album art is indelibly linked to our collective musical memories; when you think of your favorite albums, you picture the covers. Many photographers, illustrators, and art directors have become celebrities from their album artworks—the best examples of which will go down in hist..
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Rugs & Art: Tribal Bird Rugs & Others: A Buenos Aires CollectionHigh quality collection, including several ‘best of type’ piecesInteresting individual take on the psychology of collectingThis fine tribal rug collection, built over many years by a Buenos Aires artist/architect, has at its hea..
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Seirafian Carpets, A Review of Persian CarpetsSeirafian Carpets, A Review of Persian Carpets..
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Simone PheulpinSimone Pheulpin’s works can be found in London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, the Art Institute of Chicago and in the Musée des arts décoratifs de ParisSimone’s amazing textile art piles up dense folds of cotton cloth, held together only by simple (and invisible) metal pins, creating s..
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Small Architecture
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Small ArchitectureOver the years, talented architects have occasionally indulged themselves with the challenge of designing small but perfectly formed buildings. Today, with reduced budgets, many architects have turned in a more focused way to creating works that may be diminutive in their dimension..
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Stars of the Caucasus: Silk Embroideries From AzerbaijanFirst book on the subject of antique Azerbaijan silk embroideriesContains previously unpublished research and previously unseen materialBy a selection of world-leading experts and scholarsPublished on the occasion of an important international ..
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Textile as Resistance - Textiel in VerzetTextile is a vector of identity - something more important than ever in times of war and crisis in particular. It is connected to the body it covers like a second skin. It both conceals and reveals, and contains a history and iconography whose roots often lie..
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Textiles from Borneo: The Iban, Kantu, Ketungau, and Mualang PeoplesThe textile art from northern Borneo, made by the Iban, Kantu, Ketungau, and Mualang tribes, is highly distinctive and extraordinarily rich. In this remarkable book, more than 150 full-page brilliant color photographs of textiles fr..
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