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Pantone View Color Planner Spring/Summer 2017

Pantone View Color Planner Spring/Summer 2017
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Pantone View Color Planner Spring/Summer 2017
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Pantone View Color Planner Spring/Summer 2017

A Colorful Evolution Unfolds For Spring/Summer 2017 Spring/Summer 2017; a season where color evolves away from a feeling of exacting rules to one of accessible color and sensible color solutions. A season where the color synergy that flows between our forecasted shades, from airy and light to explosive and bright, leads to unique and diverse color mixes that tell the story of our global culture. A season where we see creativity unfold. Join the Color Evolution! PANTONE VIEW Color Planner Spring/Summer 2017 includes:Seasonal trend theme overview Seasonal color direction by color family 8  forecasted trend palettes each containing:Inspirational Imagery Color harmonies Material highlights Product end-uses 1” x 4” cotton swatch strips of each forecasted color Detachable printed color card.

About the Product

Printed color card high lighting forecasted colors by trend palette Printed color card displaying forecasted colors by color family DVD containing inspirational imagery from each of the trend palettes Videos with visual imagery and music that show the unique mood of each of the forecasted palettes Poster-sized overview of the season featuring the seasonal color forecast.

Pantone View Color Planner Spring/Summer 2017

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