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Pantone Super Swatch

Pantone Super Swatch
Pantone Super Swatch
Pantone Super Swatch
Pantone Super Swatch
Pantone Super Swatch
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  • Model: PLV-SSWATCH

Pantone Super Swatch


Designed to give graphic and packaging designers more color for bigger projects and better communication, the Pantone Super Swatch comes in one large 8”x7” color block of your choice of our Pantone Matching System® spot colors. Use Pantone Super Swatches to more easily evaluate, present, and communicate color to stakeholders and through your supply chain.


  • One-sided sheet printed digitally on coated paper stock
  • Choose one PMS color per sheet
  • Each page provides a 8”w x 7”h color space
  • Produced by Pantone color technicians on special coated proofing paper


  • Choose from our Formula Guide Coated or Pastels Coated Spot Colors (excludes Metallics and Neons)
  • Ideal format for organic cutting, shipping and sharing with teams and partners
  • Color displayed with coordinating number or name 


  • Use for better color communication with clients, packaging mock ups, and for sharing, quality control, and evaluation
  • Ideal for rush projects, chips can ship within 24-48 hours of your order
  • Reliable color produced at the lowest possible variance to Master Standard data

Technical Details

  • Item Model Number:                              PLV-SSWATCH
  • Brand:                                                       Pantone
  • Product Dimensions:                             8’’x7’’
  • Item Package Quantity                          1 Pcs.
  • Importer:                                                  Sudarshan Book Distributors

Pantone Super Swatch

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