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Pantone Formula Scale LC 2-lb Capacity

Pantone Formula Scale LC 2-lb Capacity
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Pantone Formula Scale LC 2-lb Capacity
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  • Model: PFS3-1-12
  • Weight: 6.17kg
  • Dimensions: 18.20in x 15.50in x 5.00in
  • SKU: PFS3-1-12
  • UPC: PFS3-1-12

Pantone Formula Scale LC2-lb Capacity

SKU: PFS3-1-12

Designed for making and mixing small ink batches of Pantone Colors, the Formula Scale LC is idea for smaller size printers and infrequent spot color users.


  • Easy-to-use 2lb capacity formula scale
  • Easy to switch from US standard pounds to metric kilograms
  • Dual functionality provides either ink formulations or conventional weighing


  • Programmed with 2,678 current Pantone Colors
  • Provides high resolution and exact Pantone ink formulations for accurate results
  • Based on commonly-used and globally known PFS technology


  • Ideal for mixing using small ink components – promotes less ink waste
  • Cost-effective tool for occasional users

Technical Details

  • Item Model Number :                            PFS3-1-12
  • Brand :                                                     Pantone
  • Item Package Quantity :                       1 Pcs.

Pantone Formula Scale LC2-lb Capacity

Relese Date September 25, 2008

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