Your Guide To Working From Home

Pantone Fashion, home + interiors edition

To guide you through this unprecedented time, Pantone is thinking of our design community and how we can help you do your job in these challenging times. While you may no longer have access to your office and communal tools, we have some tips to help you stay connected.



Pantone Connect for Adobe® Creative Cloud® provides you access to all our Pantone color libraries and allows you to convert your color choices from HEX, CMYK and RGB. We are offering unlimited free access to Pantone Connect now through July 1, 2020.

A color palette shown on a screen does not represent accurately how those colors would like in a real-life fashion article. You need to have a physical reference to go from. If you can, please check your digitally-based color choices with a physical representation using one of our PANTONE Fashion, Home and Interiors color books. For home office use, check out our entry-level PANTONE Fashion, Home and Interiors Color Guide Set or our Cotton Passport. Each of these portable tools will give you the confidence that you have made the right color choice whether you are creating palettes for colors that will be dyed in soft materials or coated and applied to products with a hard surface.


When it is time to firm up your color card or evaluate lab-dips or bulk samples, consider the use of Pantone Swatch Cards. They are both visual and technical standards, providing exact and reliable color representations for you and your suppliers. Our Swatch Cards are available in Cotton, Polyester and Nylon. Each 4” x 4” Swatch Card is also supported with Spectral Data to help your partners nail the right color every time.